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"Fiat Lux: the Works of Su Kwak"
By Lilly Wei
The Brauer Museum of Art, Exhibition Catalog, 2012

"Su Kwak: Healing Light"
By Elisabeth Sussman — Curator, Whitney Museum of Art, New York
June Kelly Gallery, Exhibition Catalog, 2004

"Making Faith Real: Su Kwak's Light and Time Series"
By Sandy Kita — Professor of Art History and Senior Scholar at Chatham University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June Kelly Gallery, Exhibition Catalog, 2009

"Weaving Light and Time"
By Rhaikyoung Park
Sun Gallery, Exhibition Catalog, 2009

"A Conversation with Light"
By Bok Young Kim, Art Critic, Seoul, Korea
From the Jean Art Gallery Exhibition Catalogue, 2004

"Su Kwak: Beyond Light and into Spirit"
By Eleanor Heartney
Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Exhibition Catalog, 2001

"Su Kwak"
By Dr. Ronny Cohen
Sun Gallery, Exhibition Catalog, 1996

Su Kwak Exhibition in "Goings on About Town"
The New Yorker, August 2, 2004

"Synthesis Of Opposites In Painting"
By Su Kwak (Hae Suk Kwak)
Thesis for MFA Degree at the University of Chicago,1979